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"Need to raise funds for the team, let us help you MAKE MONEY without spending money!"

I'm pretty sure your team could use some help creating more revenue/money for all the different expenses like uniforms, traveling, equipment, etc.  Good news is....WE HAVE THE SOLUTION, best of all, AT NO COST TO YOU!

Stop selling raffle tickets and candy bars

Two of the BIGGEST REVENUE SOURCES for college and professional teams are TICKET SALES and team MERCHANDISE SALES.  Selling your team's customized merchandise will give you publicity and fan following even during the off season.... it's called MARKETING.  You're basically advertising the team and RAISING 💰 for it at the same time.  Sometimes people become fans of teams just because of the colors, logo, mascot.... which is all in the merchandise.

Sell quality name brands items that everyone loves such as Adidas, Champion, Jerzees, Hanes and much, more!











Custom made products for previous customers



Here's how it works.... 

  • 1st - We help you create a unique and attractive customized product(s) from our supply of name brand merchandise (see: more products here).

  • 2nd - Use your sample created product (that we supply free) to display & collect orders/money from your customers.

  • 3rd - Send to us your number of requested item(s) along with a smaller portion of the money you keep the rest!

We've had success in creating merchandise for a major Forrest Park Golf Tournament; St. Louis Bulldogs Semipro Football; Pagedale Sports Club; Spanish Lake Youth Football Program; etc.  

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