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Player Promotions

"We go the extra mile to support our athletes."

Our Goal Is To...
a. Differentiate you from other athletes.
b. Show off your unique skills and abilities.
c. Increase value and add more weight towards your talents.
 our players on a platform to be viewed in over 47 different countries across the world!

What We Do For You...
a. Place you on our "Featured Pro Athletes" page.
b. (If you need a team) Market your profile to our professional contacts.  (SEE DETAILS HERE)
b. Place your created highlights, workouts, stats, achievements, etc. on our
c. Post your clip EVERY WEEK for the entire time of your stay with us.
d. Take note of how many views/likes you receive from your post.
e. Encourage you to be motivated and active even during the offseason.

Use marketing & promotional strategies to make you stand out from the crowd of athletes.
g. Help you with important details such as highlight film, communicating with teams, tryouts, etc
h. Build a public image that accurately showcases your unique skills, experiences and personality.

Why We Do This, To...
b. Make you unique and set you apart from the other players.
c. You never know who sees AND repost your post.
d. Show the world that you are NOT ALONE and have corporate support. 
e. Increase EVERYONE'S curiosity...wondering who you are.

What is your job...
a. All you have to do is create and turn in your clips (1/week) to us and WE'LL DO THE REST.

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